Chiavari Chairs and Party Rentals Calgary Canada

We have listed some of the most common questions we get asked by our customers. Is one of your questions still unanswered? Then click here to call or email us!

Why rent from us?

We are the cheapest in town guaranteed with the same quality or even better.

Where is your company located?

Chiavari Chair Rental is conveniently located in 10420 Elbow Drive SW Calgary Alberta Canada.

How can I book/reserve chairs?

You can call 403 3837784 or simply click the contact us button and please provide the following information :

  • Number of Chairs needed
  • Chair Color Preference
  • Date of Event
  • Location of Event

How much is the rent per price?

You can rent it as cheap as $6.99 + gst per piece including the cushion.

How does delivery work? Can we pick it up ourselves?

Please call or email for delivery and take down for pricing. For out of town deliveries, we can arrange delivery rate depending on the area. We don’t allow clients to pick up and return our chairs. We want to personally do it ourselves to preserve it from damage and scratches.

Is there a minimum quantity to be rented?


What colors of chairs do you have?

We have it in gold and silver colors

What is your chair made of?

Our chairs are made of hardwood from Acacia tree that can only be found in Asia.

What is the mode of payment?

When you decide to book chairs we get 30% deposit (non-refundable) and the rest 2 weeks before the event to give time for bank clearing in case we get paid by cheque.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Interac Transfer or online thru our  Paypal email invoicing where we accept major credit cards or debit from your own bank account.

Is your online payment secured?

Yes. Paypal is a secure way of paying online.

When do you deliver the chairs?

We will coordinate with you or your planner of the best time the chairs should be in the venue.

Can I change the number of chairs after I place the order?

Yes. When reserving the chairs we recommend you reserve your maximum so we can have those on hold for you. If you decide you need less, please let us know  30 days before the event so we could still adjust the remaining balance accordingly. Otherwise, it will be considered as final number of chairs reserved.

What about broken and damage chairs?

We make clients liable to our chairs and will charge accordingly if there is a broken or damaged chair.